Royal Rajasthan on Wheels – Route Map

Royal Rajasthan on Wheels – Route Map

Royal Rajasthan on Wheels is one of the luxurious trains of India. While Rajasthan presents before you the glamorous lifestyle of the Rajputs, a tour of Royal Rajasthan on Wheels lets you experience the taste of royalty.
Royal Rajasthan on Wheels

The Royal Rajasthan on Wheels route map is planned to help tourists unravel the golden past of India. At present the tour is for 7 nights and 8 days. The journey starts from the Safdarjung Station, New Delhi and also ends at the same place. After registration and a traditional welcome with Aarti, Garlands and Tilak, you embark the train at evening. The tour ends on the early morning of the 8th day.
Royal Rajasthan on Wheels Route Map

Jodhpur: At first Royal Rajasthan on Wheels takes you to Jodhpur. Popularly known as the Sun City, this is the second largest city of Rajasthan. While the Mehrangarh Fort narrates the gallant tales of Rajput heroes, the marble cenotaph of Jaswant Thada with its intricate designs and unique chattris exhibit the Rajasthani architectural style.
Mehrangarh Fort Jodhpur

Udaipur: The train then chugs off to the Lake City of Udaipur. The City Palace of Udaipur is an exquisite beauty with its Chinese domes, hanging gardens and spectacular designs. You can rejuvenate yourself with boat rides on the crystalline waters of Lake Pichola.
Udaipur City Palace

Chittorgarh: This heritage city of Rajasthan portrays the glorious days of the Rajput clan. While the palace of Queen Padmini still bears the gallant story of royal ladies performing ‘jauhar’ to save their honour, the Rana Kumbha Palace and the Vijay Stambh are spectacular.
Queen Padmini Palace Chittorgarh

Sawai Madhopur: A visit to this place is a breakthrough from the historic journey of Rajasthan. This district is home to one of the most popular national parks of India, the Ranthambhore National Park. A jungle safari through this dense forest brings to you the natural life of Royal Bengal Tigers, roaming and hunting in own mood. The park is also inhabited by various species of deer, leopards, crocodiles and numerous kinds of birds.
Ranthambhore National Park

Jaipur: Royal Rajasthan on Wheels then takes you to the Pink City of Jaipur. Here you get the golden opportunity to ride on deck up elephants just like a Rajput monarch. Besides visiting forts and palaces, you can shop your heart out at the capital city of Rajasthan.
Deck Up Elephants March

Khajuraho: The Luxury Train then leaves Rajasthan to take you to the wonders of Indian temple architecture. Life seems to be frozen in the stone walls of the 85 temples of Khajuraho. These are both Hindu and Jain temples and the sculptures portray the daily lifestyle of 12th century India and mythological figures from Hindu and Jain texts.
Deck Up Elephants March

Varanasi: One of the oldest cities of the world, Varanasi is the seat of Hinduism. Experience a celestial life here, visiting the old shrines like the Viswanatha temple or just sitting on the banks of River Ganges, watching Aarti. The city is also famous for its gorgeous silk saris and handicrafts.
Viswanatha Varanasi Temple

Agra: The trip on Royal Rajasthan on Wheels comes to an end with a visit to the city studded with Mughals gems, Agra. The city is mostly known for Taj Mahal, one of the Seven Wonders of the World. This marble monument is an epitome of Mughal architecture, embellished with semi precious stones, beautiful calligraphy and situated amidst sprawling gardens.
Taj Mahal
Besides visiting Agra Fort, Itmadulah Tomb and Mehtab Bagh, you can enjoy shopping leather goods, small marble statues of Taj Mahal and hand woven carpets here.
Agra Fort
Hence, embark Royal Rajasthan on Wheels to spend a comfortable and memorable vacation at some of the most magnificent parts of incredible India.

Places to visit this monsoon in India

Places to visit this monsoon in India

Substantial precipitation puddles of sloppy water – Are these the things that ring a bell when you consider storms in India? All things considered, then you have to arrange a speedy getaway to some of these done-to-death and in addition some unique spots in India and change your sentiment about the magnificent blustery season of India. These are the spots where you can really sense the cool tender winds, light raindrops and that possess a scent reminiscent of earth. Rainstorm in India are really a song of happiness, excellence and help from the searing summer sun and they are intended to be relished. You can use Jugnoo coupons for best deals.

Jim Corbett, Uttarakhand

Jim Corbett, Uttarakhand

Pretty much 6 hours’ drive from Delhi, Jim Corbett National Park is a treat for natural life beaus. The in addition to purpose of going to Corbett amid storm is that it’s not swarmed. You’ll be amazed to realize that rafting in Jim Corbett is just conceivable amid storm as Kosi waterway stays depthless rest of the year. A 3-hour long jeep safari is additionally prearranged each morning and night that will release you profound inside the timberland to investigate the tranquil vegetation. Riding on an elephant back is additionally conceivable amid storm in Corbett as Elephant Safaris are likewise sorted out. It’s simpler to spot creatures like pigs and elands and some feathered creature species like parakeets, quails and barbets amid the blustery season.

Udaipur, Rajasthan

Udaipur, Rajasthan

This enchanting city is sprinkled with memorable structures all around radiating magnificent glory. Home to the most adroitly outlined royal residences, havelis, humming boulevards, and lovely lakes. The city of Udaipur, additionally called the ‘Venice of the East’ wakes up amid the months of July-August yet remains a disagreeable destination among explorers all through the storm season. After the light gives of downpour, the bird’s-eye sees from the Monsoon Palace are striking – highlighting the lavish greenery and charming lakes. Around eleven hours from Delhi by street, Udaipur’s magnificence just gets improved amid the rainstorm.

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Deoria Tal, Uttarakhand

Deoria Tal, Uttarakhand

A blend of mythology and normal magnificence make Deoria Tal a charming spot to visit. Particularly amid the rainstorm when the little lake is overflowing with emerald green water. Encased by thick backwoods and rich greenery this spot is a trekker’s pleasure. The trek is a cleared way from Sari Village up to Deoria Tal, in spite of the fact that it is very steep at a few spots. There are numerous rest houses or sanctuaries on the trek . Get the Make my trip coupons for having best deals on vacations.

Kutch, Gujarat

Kutch, Gujarat

Situated in the northwest side of Gujarat, Kutch is the biggest area in India. Rann of Kutch has 18 social tribes which makes the spot all around enjoyed among voyagers. The endless desert fields with strange skyline in the storm give a tempting perspective. Kutch is much more dreamlike amid the rainstorm as it gets submerged in the water. For rest of it, it’s a gigantic stretch of white salt seeming to give the look of a white desert.

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Now No More Stale Food Of Pantry In Trains

Now No More Stale Food Of Pantry In Trains

With asteep rise in Indian population, there is increased in number of people traveling by trains. India is a country with a population size of more than one billion people, where a maximum number of people opt for train travel. So most of the time people are deterred by the thought of a long distance train journey by Indian Railways? Repelled especially by the boring, stale food offered on the platforms and the pantry? You might have experienced this too atleast once.

One or two decades ago, passengers traveling in trains were satisfied with the kind of foods they used to carry with them. But, today when most trains run late not many of us opt for the meals served by the pantry or available at platforms because of the quality and hygiene. Today people are more conscious about the quality and are better aware of just picking foods from hawkers. People nowadays seem to be more at multi cuisine delicacies.

When you are at the platform and your train is late and you feel hungry, all you have to do is to find a popular online food delivery companywhere you can place your order and they deliver your preferred food within minutes.Sounds Nice! Yes it is because these days there are many online food portals that offer services where you can place the order and they deliver it right at your berth.

These online food portals like Railrider offer a heady blend of tongue tickling foodstuff like North Indian foods, South Indian dishes, Chinese, Italian and various other special thalis, vegetarian and non-veg items. Additionally,you can also order pizza, sandwiches, crispy vada, soft drink, gulabjamuns, beverages, burgers, rolls, ice creams, etc. The service indeed letyou have a healthy and exciting journey.

These online food portals provide passengers the freedom to make payment either through credit card/debit card/netbanking or cash on delivery. These kind of options makesit even more convenient for train travelers. Another good news is that you can order anytime as there is no fixed time of order. You can place your order anytime whether it’s dawn, mid night or early morning.

Some of the finest benefits of these online food delivery services are:

  • The order is delivered right at your berth. You don’t need to leave your seat and get down the train, searching for food on platform.
  • If you are vegetarian, Railrider will deliver you pure vegetarian foods.
  • You can also order Jain food.
  • Food delivery is available at most of the Indian railway station.
  • Meal that is delivered is hygienic,delicious and fresh.

You can now order fresh food to be delivered in the train at the station of your preference. All you have to do is to order these online vendors by either smart phones, or making a direct call to their contact. You can pick your preferred food from a wide variety menu and choose from among the enlisted stations.

So, whenever you travel by traindon’t worry about food. Just call Railrider and you will have excellent food delivered to you. Place your preferred food order and make your train journey better and more interesting.

Consider These Enchanting Weekend Getaways from Pondicherry

Consider These Enchanting Weekend Getaways from Pondicherry

Experience, nature, society, legacy, religion et cetera—the spots close to Pondicherry have everything on offer. These spots give a faultless weekend getaway to laid back vacationers or adrenaline fuelled voyagers alike. There are different voyager spots close to Pondicherry that showcase the significance of the spot and offer an uncommon travel experience to everybody.

Pondicherry is a champion amongst the most shocking visitor destinations in India where each alcove and corner yells of being French in restricted or the other. Before you hire a taxi from Chennai to Pondicherry, reconsider these beguiling alternatives, in vicinity of this French riviera, that can add an altogether different feel to your trip to Pondicherry.


Kanyakumari is the southernmost tip of peninsular India and is a haven for pioneers. With its notoriety for being a nightfall and first light point, Kanyakumari is a crucial trap for shutterbugs. It is in like way one of the not a lot of spots in India where you can watch the falling sun and a rising moon together. Other imperative attractions here are the Vivekananda Rock Memorial, the Thiruvalluvar Statue, Our Lady of Ransom Church, and the 3000 years of age Bhagavathy Amman Temple. Kanyakumari is an entrancing getaway from Pondicherry and Alleppey also, particularly for the shoreline bums.


Kodaikanal is an eminent slope station set in the Palani slope inclines in the Western Ghats. Touted as the Princess of Hill Stations in light of its lovely flawlessness and perceptible quality, Kodaikanal is moreover acclaimed for its normal offerings, for occasion, plums and pears. The spot similarly makes fine precisely collected chocolates alongside true eucalyptus oil. The phenomenal Kurunji bloom which grows once in 12 years can be found in Kodaikanal. This spot is in like manner a shelter of experience activities, for occasion, cycling, swimming, trekking, horse riding, thus on to give a couple of illustrations.


Well known as a spooky spot, Dhanushkodi is an inclining vacationer destination nowadays. This town was crushed by a goliath furious wind in the 1964, a disaster that left more than 1800 individuals dead. Today, it is occupied by somewhere in the range of 500 anglers. You can go on a jeep safari with one of the aides and investigate the relics of a school and a recuperating focus, sand-secured rail tracks, government workplaces, and so on. It is similarly accepted to be the spot where Lord Rama built an extension to reach Sri Lanka, in Ramayana.


Mahabalipuram offers radiant white sand shorelines and a striking shopping background to its visitors. Considered an UNESCO World Heritage site, named after the five Pandava siblings and their wife Draupadi from the Mahabharata, the beautiful havens known as the Five Rathas are among the most key notable focuses here. The quietness, the outlining, the boggling environment and the huge setting, loan each reason in gratefulness to why one would need to visit this marvelous town.

So apart from the interesting Places to visit around Pondicherry, why not proceed an additional mile and explore what lies in front of the breaking points of this gorgeous city? You will have a by and large diverse feel and experience without a doubt.

Best of the West – Destinations in West India that You Must Tour

Best of the West – Destinations in West India that You Must Tour

The Western part of the Indian subcontinent is a deep version of the interesting charms of the Rajputana greatness, the stunning legacy of the Gujarati group, and the might of the capable Marathas of Maharashtra. In the case of discussing landscapes, mountains, and cloud loaded fields, then it isn’t generally the North, even the Western piece of India has practically a superb get-together of probably the most excellent slope stations in the nation. You ought to try these ones out!

For the next weekend getaway, or that greatly needed relief in the hills, try these gorgeous places that lie in the western part of India. You never know that you may find that retreat and destination you have been searching since long, somewhere here.


Udaipur, Rajasthan

Touted as the ‘Venice of the East’ and ‘The City of Lakes’, Udaipur is a city in Rajasthan with has a rich social establishment and an exceptional history. The châteaux here mirror the architectural greatness in times of the Rajputs. Being in close vicinity to Ahmedabad, Udaipur is significantly frequented by the general population of the Ahmedabad city and significantly by remote sightseers consistently. From Ahmedabad, take a four hours’ Ahmedabad to Udaipur taxi to reach Udaipur in the blink of an eye, while appreciating the best approach to it by means of road.

Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra

Mahabaleshwar is home to dazzling lakes, deep greens, mind blowing old and quaint temples, and offers a scope of recreational alternatives that make it an alluring choice and also a standout amongst the most well known hill stations in the western part of the Indian subcontinent. Best time to visit this spot is from September to December when the climate could truly give you a blissful vibe in entirety.

Saputara, Gujarat

Saputara is a hillstation effectively perched in the Sahyadris in the Dang woods range. At a stature of 1000 meters, it is known for its astonishing points of view of the slants and timberlands and beguiling, nippy weather all through the year. This is one of the eccentric, weekend getaways from Mumbai and Gujarat, both. Likewise, in the event that you are a peacock who loves to dance in the rain, then this is the very spot for you, for Saputara is an enticing pleasure to the eyes particularly in the monsoon.

Mount Abu, Rajasthan

The sole hill station of Rajasthan, Mount Abu is not just a comfort from the warm air fields of the deserts of Rajasthan, but on the other hand is also a spot to loosen up while appreciating the alluring dusk views here. Being really close to Gujarat, Mount Abu offers an astounding mix of Rajasthani and Gujarati handloom, ancient rarities, materials, and so forth. Take an Ahmedabad to Mount Abu taxi to reach Mount Abu from Gujarat in four hours maximum.

A treat for nature lovers, Amboli is six hours from Mumbai by means of road and is an absolutely photogenic spot. This spot has purplish blue skies, rich greens, and a charming weather thoroughly that adds to the visual treat for any tourist. It is an impeccable spot for rejuvenating and unwinding, for it is one peaceful, and still a less frequented destination in western side of India.

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