Consider These Enchanting Weekend Getaways from Pondicherry

Experience, nature, society, legacy, religion et cetera—the spots close to Pondicherry have everything on offer. These spots give a faultless weekend getaway to laid back vacationers or adrenaline fuelled voyagers alike. There are different voyager spots close to Pondicherry that showcase the significance of the spot and offer an uncommon travel experience to everybody.

Pondicherry is a champion amongst the most shocking visitor destinations in India where each alcove and corner yells of being French in restricted or the other. Before you hire a taxi from Chennai to Pondicherry, reconsider these beguiling alternatives, in vicinity of this French riviera, that can add an altogether different feel to your trip to Pondicherry.


Kanyakumari is the southernmost tip of peninsular India and is a haven for pioneers. With its notoriety for being a nightfall and first light point, Kanyakumari is a crucial trap for shutterbugs. It is in like way one of the not a lot of spots in India where you can watch the falling sun and a rising moon together. Other imperative attractions here are the Vivekananda Rock Memorial, the Thiruvalluvar Statue, Our Lady of Ransom Church, and the 3000 years of age Bhagavathy Amman Temple. Kanyakumari is an entrancing getaway from Pondicherry and Alleppey also, particularly for the shoreline bums.


Kodaikanal is an eminent slope station set in the Palani slope inclines in the Western Ghats. Touted as the Princess of Hill Stations in light of its lovely flawlessness and perceptible quality, Kodaikanal is moreover acclaimed for its normal offerings, for occasion, plums and pears. The spot similarly makes fine precisely collected chocolates alongside true eucalyptus oil. The phenomenal Kurunji bloom which grows once in 12 years can be found in Kodaikanal. This spot is in like manner a shelter of experience activities, for occasion, cycling, swimming, trekking, horse riding, thus on to give a couple of illustrations.


Well known as a spooky spot, Dhanushkodi is an inclining vacationer destination nowadays. This town was crushed by a goliath furious wind in the 1964, a disaster that left more than 1800 individuals dead. Today, it is occupied by somewhere in the range of 500 anglers. You can go on a jeep safari with one of the aides and investigate the relics of a school and a recuperating focus, sand-secured rail tracks, government workplaces, and so on. It is similarly accepted to be the spot where Lord Rama built an extension to reach Sri Lanka, in Ramayana.


Mahabalipuram offers radiant white sand shorelines and a striking shopping background to its visitors. Considered an UNESCO World Heritage site, named after the five Pandava siblings and their wife Draupadi from the Mahabharata, the beautiful havens known as the Five Rathas are among the most key notable focuses here. The quietness, the outlining, the boggling environment and the huge setting, loan each reason in gratefulness to why one would need to visit this marvelous town.

So apart from the interesting Places to visit around Pondicherry, why not proceed an additional mile and explore what lies in front of the breaking points of this gorgeous city? You will have a by and large diverse feel and experience without a doubt.