Now No More Stale Food Of Pantry In Trains

With asteep rise in Indian population, there is increased in number of people traveling by trains. India is a country with a population size of more than one billion people, where a maximum number of people opt for train travel. So most of the time people are deterred by the thought of a long distance train journey by Indian Railways? Repelled especially by the boring, stale food offered on the platforms and the pantry? You might have experienced this too atleast once.

One or two decades ago, passengers traveling in trains were satisfied with the kind of foods they used to carry with them. But, today when most trains run late not many of us opt for the meals served by the pantry or available at platforms because of the quality and hygiene. Today people are more conscious about the quality and are better aware of just picking foods from hawkers. People nowadays seem to be more at multi cuisine delicacies.

When you are at the platform and your train is late and you feel hungry, all you have to do is to find a popular online food delivery companywhere you can place your order and they deliver your preferred food within minutes.Sounds Nice! Yes it is because these days there are many online food portals that offer services where you can place the order and they deliver it right at your berth.

These online food portals like Railrider offer a heady blend of tongue tickling foodstuff like North Indian foods, South Indian dishes, Chinese, Italian and various other special thalis, vegetarian and non-veg items. Additionally,you can also order pizza, sandwiches, crispy vada, soft drink, gulabjamuns, beverages, burgers, rolls, ice creams, etc. The service indeed letyou have a healthy and exciting journey.

These online food portals provide passengers the freedom to make payment either through credit card/debit card/netbanking or cash on delivery. These kind of options makesit even more convenient for train travelers. Another good news is that you can order anytime as there is no fixed time of order. You can place your order anytime whether it’s dawn, mid night or early morning.

Some of the finest benefits of these online food delivery services are:

  • The order is delivered right at your berth. You don’t need to leave your seat and get down the train, searching for food on platform.
  • If you are vegetarian, Railrider will deliver you pure vegetarian foods.
  • You can also order Jain food.
  • Food delivery is available at most of the Indian railway station.
  • Meal that is delivered is hygienic,delicious and fresh.

You can now order fresh food to be delivered in the train at the station of your preference. All you have to do is to order these online vendors by either smart phones, or making a direct call to their contact. You can pick your preferred food from a wide variety menu and choose from among the enlisted stations.

So, whenever you travel by traindon’t worry about food. Just call Railrider and you will have excellent food delivered to you. Place your preferred food order and make your train journey better and more interesting.

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